8 historical sites of Vietnam War to visit

Hoa Lo Prison, Vinh Moc tunnel, Hien Luong Bridge ... are all destinations that still carry the imprint of the war.

The battles against the French, Vietnam War and the fight against the country’s separation, have left the country with many of dark sites. If you love history and want to learn more about the historical sites of Vietnam, come to visit them, where suggested by so many international travelers.

1. Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi built in 1896 by the French, under the name Maison Centrale. This was where the political prisoners were crammed. More than 2,000 people have been detained here in the first half of the 1950s, in a very poor living condition.

 Maison Centrale

Maison Centrale

Later on, during the Vietnam War, the prison was used as a detention center for US pilots captured by the Vietnamese. In 1993, the prison building was turned into the Hoa Lo Prison Museum.

2. Demilitarized Zone, Central Vietnam

The demilitarized zone separated between North and South Vietnam is where the fiercest battle happened during the war. You can take  the tour, started from Hue to places, such as ruins of Truong Bo De and Na Tho Long Hung as well as several monuments and martyrs cemetery.

Khe Sanh military bases is now a museum and a monument that you can visit along the way. The former US tanks, artillery, helicopters shell ... and so on are exhibited here.

3. Hien Luong Bridge

Hien Luong Bridge (Quang Tri) across the Ben Hai River, dividing North and South of Vietnam from 1954 until reunification. This historic bridge was to witness how people sacrificed their lives for independence. Today, the bridge is a monument to the unity of Vietnam nation. You are only allowed to walk on the bridge, without any kinds of vehicles. On both sides of the bridge, people celebrate annually the occasion of April 30th, which is the Unification Day of Vietnam.

One of the most important historical sites

One of the most important historical sites

4. Reunification Memorial and Museum of Hien Luong Bridge

Located on the southern shore of the Hien Luong Bridge (Quang Tri) is a museum, featuring with six featherlike monuments and a statue of a woman with her child. In the museum, there are so many historic artifacts, such as the golden statue of President Ho Chi Minh, air crafts, bombs, and dioramas.

5. Vinh Moc Tunnels

Vinh Moc village (Quang Tri) is a "free fire zones" before. It also means that the people here could not be living in the normal way on the ground. But they have to settle down and build underground Vinh Moc tunnels. The tunnels were the important place for transporting weapons and equipment from Con Co island.

6. Memorial Site of My Lai Massacre

"Search and destroy" was a common mission in the war. Based on this objective, the US military burned the entire villages they went through and massacred all of the village residents. However, only the My Lai (Quang Ngai) village caught most of the public’s attention, although the massacres not only happened there.

Memorial Site at My Lai Village

Memorial Site at My Lai Village

Here, you will see a monument, a sculpture of a woman, raising the hand to heaven, next to the death bodies of her family members. Museum here also has pictures of massacres and the artifacts, costumes ... and all torn by bullet holes.

7. Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels is not the place for whom, who suffer from claustrophobics. When getting into the tunnel, you will only see darkness and tight space. It was an important place in the war against the American and has now become a popular tourist destination. Tunnel entrances are well camouflaged and very difficult to detect.

Cu Chi is a popular tourist destination

Cu Chi is a popular tourist destination

8. War Remnants Museum

If you want to learn in detail about the Vietnam war, let visit War Remnants Museum. Located in Saigon, the exhibition rooms featuring the most graphic images from dead bodies to faces of despair during the war. The main space of the museum is devoted to the US war crimes in Vietnam. Courtyard here is filled with tanks and other military hardware.

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