Body sushi - the art of eating sushi off naked people

You will be completely overwhelmed by the unique and sensual way of eating Sushi.

Japan - the land of the Rising Sun which has a very diverse cuisine. However, sushi in Japan is long considered as a "national spirit" and has become very famous worldwide. In Japan, there are so many ways of serving sushi, but the most special one is called as Nyotaimori - "body sushi."

In other words, this is a term that refers to enjoy sushi on the body nude woman. In order to qualify the job, the woman (called as Nyotaimori in Japanese) is trained to lie down for hours without moving. And more important is she does not allow talking with guests. Noticeably, the body sushi in Japan is not just practised by women but also men. There is another term for enjoying sushi on the bodies of the man, called Nantaimori. But for reasons unknown what Nantaimori can not gain as much popularity as Nyotaimori does.

It is a kind of culinary arts but body sushi is rarely practiced in Japan

It is a kind of culinary arts but body sushi is rarely practiced in Japan

It would not be exaggerating if called Nyotaimori is a culinary art. It is an ingenious combination of high quality sushi and the sexy curves of the woman. The body sushi has become famous throughout the world, especially in Western countries.

Nyotaimori is however not considered as traditional cuisine of Japan. In Japan today, the body sushi can only be found in random seedy clubs. But it is also not that popularly practise as people outside Japan might think.

According to historical records, Nyotaimori first came about during Japan’s samurai period. And it is taken place in a geisha house as a celebration after a victorious battle. Nowadays it may only is interesting to the West, but not anymore in Japan, where local people consider it as being murky. Other countries expressed their concerns about the issue of food safety and hygiene. More than that, it is even forbidden in China since 2005 to protect public health. Certainly, finding restaurants that serve this type of sushi in Japan is also not easy.

The sushi presentation on the body in different ways

The sushi presentation on the body in different ways

Nyotaimori is one of the biggest sushi brand in the world. In particular, this brand even ranked in the top 3 unique and succeed restaurants in the culinary field. It is because besides serving in a very impressive way, the process of preparing sushi is also really elaborate and meticulous.

The first criteria to be able to join the staff of the restaurant, they need to be beautiful girls with a smooth skin and fit body. The girls will have to undergo a training to be able to silently lie down for hours without stirring. Room temperature should always be maintained at a low level to prevent body heat to warm sushi, causing reduced quality of the dishes. The room temperature of 15 to 20 degrees C without wearing any kinds of clothes.

The body plate will be decorated by sushi artists

The body plate will be decorated by sushi artists

Before serving, the girls will have to spend hours to clean their body but not to use any kinds of scented soaps to avoid impacting on the taste of sushi. They must also scrub the dead layers of the skin, then turn cold water bath to minimize pores, to avoid sweating. The sushi presentation on the body in different artistic ways, in which the private parts of woman are covered with petals or leaves.

The price to be enjoying Nyotaimori is not cheap. You have to spend at least $ 1,200 to be able to enjoy sushi on the body of female beauty. This figure may even be up to ... $ 12,000 depending location and quality.

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