Honey BBQ Ribs for cold days

If you still do not know what to cook today, in the cold weather, then fire up with a BBQ dish. We recommend a recipe for delicious honey barbecue ribs and it is extremely simple. This BBQ has always been much appreciated by many people because of its delicious taste and less fat consume. Here are your instructions.

A very delicious look

A very delicious look

Ingredients as following:

 - 500gr baby back pork rib

 - 3 cloves fresh garlic

 - 2 stalks of fresh spring onions (just use the white part): then you smash the onions

 - 4 tablespoons honey

 - 2 tablespoons soy sauce

 - 1 tablespoon sesame oil

- 1 tablespoon wine

- ½ tablespoon five-spice powder

- 1 teaspoon salt

- Chili powder: according to your tastes

- Condensed milk (optional)

- A little roasted sesame

- 2 baking trays

How to make honey barbecue ribs? These following steps will help you:

1. Preparation

- Ribs should be washed before cooking, then cut into bite-size pieces and boiled with boiling water to remove bad smell from the ribs. Then rinse the ribs with cold water.

- Peeled and chop garlic

- Smash the spring onions (using only the white part)

2. Preparing the marinated sauces

- Take honey into a small bowl, add soy sauce, sesame oil, wine, five-spice powder, salt, chili powder, smashed onion, minced garlic and then mix them together.

- Also, if you like fatty flavor, soft ribs you can add a little milk and stir well with spices.

3. Marinate ribs

- Bring the ribs into the prepared sauces. Rub spices over the ribs.

- Besides the ratio of ingredients spices, time factor also impacts on the flavor and aroma of barbequed ribs. So the ribs should be marinated at least 1-2 hours before being taken to the grill. The perfect option will be that you can simply prepare and marinated ribs from the night before, cover and refrigerate overnight.

4. Grill ribs

- You prepare two baking trays, the first one filled with boiling water, the second tray with aluminum folio.

- Place ribs on the second tray and sprinkle sesame on the ribs.

- Place the first tray with boiling water into the oven and then the second ribs tray above. The water from the first tray will make the ribs not too dry. Or another option is that you can steam ribs for 7-10 minutes and then grill it.

- Preheat oven to 150 degrees and the bake for 45 -minutes.

- During this time, you should sometimes take the ribs out and use the basting sauce for rubbing the ribs. You can also spread a layer of honey to make the dish more beautiful and fragrant.

Layering the rib with honey

Layering the rib with honey

5. Complete the barbeque honey pork ribs

- When the ribs getting nicely browned and glazed, you take the ribs from the oven and enjoy.

- Ribs are more delicious when they are still hot.

- Serve with the chili sauce or ketchup for dipping.

- A rib served with white rice is also very tasty.

If you prefer, you can enjoy the BBQ ribs with white rice, which is also very tasty

If you prefer, you can enjoy the BBQ ribs with white rice, which is also very tasty

Honey BBQ ribs is a dish that almost everyone likes, especially in a cold winter days. So when having an opportunity of family and friends gathering together, you do not hesitate to try the dish. Hope that you will make your family and friends happy with your dish.

Honey BBQ ribs is ready for serving

Honey BBQ ribs is ready for serving

Good luck!

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