Moisturize and drink more water on a long haul flight

To avoid the stress of traveling and make the long haul flight be comfortable, you should drink enough water; moisturize your skin and do the best to sleep.

Say no to caffeine and alcohol

To keep you always up, especially when on a plane, the body should have an adequate supplement of water. You should not take drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol because they will dehydrate you and make you irritable. Continue drinking water throughout flight; don't wait until you're thirsty to ask the flight attendant for some water. You can try to drink warm lemon- water to have a better digestion, prevent infection, and reduce swelling (due to the long sitting time).

You must  stay hydrated

You must stay hydrated

Mineral spray

Dehydration is the worst part of every flight as the recycled, pressurized air leaves most passengers a very dry skin. Because you're flying at an altitude of over 12,000 meters, addingrefreshing energy spray to your face is essential. Using mineral spray products will make your skin always fresh and full of life. You should better spray before using moisturizer.


Due to the low humidity on the aircraft, the moisturizer for the skin is as important as using sunscreen when going outside. But remember that you need to wash your hands before applying lotion. If it is not safe to use the water on the plane, you can wipe your face with a wet towel. Apply the moisturize liquid every 4 hours, when you are on an airplane.

Eye mask

Bring a sleeping eye mask to the airplane is necessary. Those who can sleep anywhere anytime may not need this stuff. However, it mentally prepares you for sleep, promotes blood circulation, reduce headaches phenomenon. Especially it can block out the early breakfast wake up on long-haul flights, when you don’t want to eat at that early.

Darkness keeps you sleep better

Darkness keeps you sleep better


The familiar fragrance will help people suffering from stress and can relax better. There are much kind of perfumers with pleasant scents, being suitable in cramped spaces, like incense lavender, Brazilian pink rose, vanilla ... You can bring your favorite essential scents in a small spraying format to spray  on your travel pillow, neck and face. And, you will feel comfortable throughout the long flight.

Lip balm and eye drops

Like moisturizer and mineral spray, lip balm and eye drops is extremely essential, to avoid having a dry lip, dry eyes. Just a little Vaseline box and bottle of eye drops, you completely protect your lips and eyes very well to be ready for the journey after that long flight.

A neck pillow

Do not underestimate the value of travel pillows. Bring along with you a U-shaped pillow will help you sleep comfortably. You should choose a pillow made of material that avoids causing wrinkles on the face. Do not forget to get a double blanket to sleep really comfortable without being cold during a long trip.


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