Places for Drinking New Year Café in Saigon, Vietnam

Drinking signature folk drinks at The Homes, eating dishes from natural ingredients at The Kafe or enjoying a refreshing smoothie at Masstige ... is a gentle experience for New Year day in Saigon.

The Homes

Is located on Nguyen An Ninh, Binh Thanh District. Although the coffee shop is a bit far from center of Saigon, it is still a favorite place of many young people. The shop has the old-houses rustic style. Both the indoor area and outside courtyard are close to nature.

The old-houses rustic style

The old-houses rustic style

The signature drinks, foods here will give you the exotic feeling. When coming to the Homes you should have to try chestnut tea, lotus root and black sesame milk … with prices from 1.3 to 1.6 USD.

Runam Café

With European style, coffee Runam on Mac Thi Buoi Street, District 1 is considered the place full of luxury and sophistication for the discerning guests, who want to be quiet in the New Year day.

The shop is divided into two parts, the inside area and outer courtyard with very comfortable chairs and sofas. Every detail in the shop is decorated meticulously and elegantly. When you come here, enjoy the Runam signature smoothies like LyLy smoothies, milk ice cream, matcha ... with the price of 4 to 6 USD.

The Kafe

Located on Le Loi Street, District 1, The Kafe is always crowded because the simple but modern style. This is definitely an appropriate place to gather friends, dating with lovers and watched the bustling streets with New Year atmosphere.

Dishes are made from natural ingredients of the shop - Photo: Thao Nghi

Dishes are made from natural ingredients of the shop - Photo: Thao Nghi

At the Kafe, you can enjoy macarons, special drinks as apple mint tea, milk tea state, flower tea, yogurt sauce with pineapple leaves, strawberries and a wide wine assortments ... with price from 1.5 to 3 USD. Foods items are shown in the menu of The Kafe are also higly recommended, as most are made from natural ingredients.

She Cafe

Is a place for women, Cafe She is always preferred by those who want both relaxing and working. Being consistent with private space and cozy, the afternoon Saigon sun is shining through the windows, making up the spectacular landscape.

The restaurant is located at Pasteur Street, District 1. Diners should try the matcha grind, mint lemonade, soda lime, watermelon juice ... price from 1.5 to 2.5 USD only.

The Workshop

The restaurant is in an old building on Ngo Duc Ke Street, District 1, and for reaching this you have to climb with the old walking stair. However, The Workshop spaces will the surprise you. You'll also smell the coffee spread in the air, the sound of the blender and pouring into a coffee glass... All create a truly modern painting.

Modern style makes it a favorite destination of many elite customers - Photo: Thao Nghi

Modern style makes it a favorite destination of many elite customers - Photo: Thao Nghi

Go to the restaurant, you should drink coffee because quite tasty and fragrant. If you cannot drink coffee, you can call the vitamins and juice instead. Prices are fluctuated around 3 to 4.5 USD

Coffee Masstige

Right at Ho Tung Mau Street, District 1, Masstige Coffee shop are beautiful, modern, attracted many Vietnamese and foreign visitors, who working at the city center. With a modern bar and a tasty mix, it is perfect for sipping and enjoying the view on the first day of the New Year.

Masstige serves coffees, smoothies, juices and pastries, with prices ranging from 1 to 4 USD. You are suggested to try the dishes as green tea, blueberry mojito, peach black tea and Choco latte...

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