The coolest high-tech hotel around the world

These hotels promise to bring visitors the exciting experience that are far beyond traditional hotels.

1. CALIFORNIA: Aloft Cupertino

Room rates start at 130 USD

Room rates start at 130 USD

Hotels Aloft Cupertino in California has a serving robot with the ability to bring a towel to you at the pool, to deliver things to your room and stop by with snacks.The rooms here are also equipped with an Apple TV.

2. NEW YORK: The Yotel

Here is Yobot

Here is Yobot

Yotel has a robot bearing the same name - Yobot. Its main task is to store customers' luggage in one of its 150 bins. To retrieve the items, you simply need to put a PIN for this robot. Additionally to Yobot robot, beds at this hotel can automatically fold up neatly so that you have more floor space.

Room rates start at 135 USD.

3. SEATTLE: Hotel 1000

Room rates start at 250 USD. Hotel 1000 owns a virtual golf system that allows guests to experience golf at any of the 50 best golf courses in the world. Accordingly, you just need to stand on a carpet and hit the ball into the area of ​​the screen to play. An infrared tracking system and over 680 sensors will be in charge of tracking the velocity, spin, and trajectory of the ball. This is in order to give you the feel of a real golf experience.

In addition, all rooms in the hotel have the system automatically adjust the temperature in real time, making the perfect conditions for your stay.


Room rates start at 40 USD

Room rates start at 40 USD

The CityHub has an affordable price with futuristic design. All rooms have Wi-Fi connectivity, music system and lighting system that can be controlled through a mobile application.

5. SINGAPORE: The W Singapore at Sentosa Cove

A high-tech pool

A high-tech pool

Located in Sentosa Cove, this hotel attracts the attention of so many travellers. This is because this hotel owns a pool with underwater speakers and the LED lighting system, allowing you enjoying music differently. Room rates start at 273 USD

6. JAPAN: The Weird Hotel

With the oom prices start at $ 350, the Weird Hotel is considered to be the first hotel in the world, operated (at least partially) by ... robots. You'll notice the difference right from the first moment when entering this hotel. There will be an English-speaking dinosaur bot help you "check-in".

English speaking Robot here is a dinosaur

English speaking Robot here is a dinosaur

Each room at The Weird Hotel is placed with a small robot can help you find some information about restaurants, places, or surrounding interesting events. In addition, the robot also helps you carry your luggage.

7. POLAND: Blow Up Hall 5050

Maybe you will be surprised because that there’s no reception in this hotel. Guests arriving at this hotel can find and open the door thanks to an "electronic key" is sent to the smartphone.

This hotel also identifies himself as an “interactive work of art” due to its digital art installations around the hotel. Room rates start 103 USD.

8. CONNECTICUT: J House Greenwich

Room at J House Greenwich is equipped with one of the most innovative toilet systems today: TOTO NEOREST. It provides electric seat heating and an air purifier.
You will also be surprised to know each room contains two 55” mirror TVs, one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. Besides, you also can adjust the room temperature, lighting regime and calling services via iPad. Room rates start at 193 USD.

9. LONDON: Premier Inn Hub by Covent Garden Hotel

At the hub by Premier Inn Covent Garden Hotel, you can download an application to adjust the temperature, fan speed, lighting and TV mode in the room, as well as turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign at the door. Room rates start at 82 USD.

10. LAS VEGAS: Aria Resort and Casino

Aria Resort and Casino hotel has smart rooms in the ability to automatically recognize when guests come in to trigger a number of possibilities, such as opening curtains, play music, turn on the television or adjusting room temperature. Room rates start at 167 USD

11. BERLIN: NH Hotel

NH Hotel is probably the first hotel in the world has the 3D Hologram technology, allowing someone to project a 3D image of themselves in the conference room. So, for work purposes, this hotel could be a great choice for the unique presentation method.

An impressive 3D presentation

An impressive 3D presentation

Apart from Germany, NH Hotel operates also in Milan (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain).

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