The unique dishes from cherry petals in Japan

A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is called Sakura in Japanese. Cherry blossom are also closely related to other Prunus trees such as the almond, peach, plum and apricot and more distantly to apples, pears and roses.

Sakura Tea

This is a traditional type of Japanese tea, brewed from cherry petals. It is often salted, in order to retain the original color and flavor. This type of tea is often used in weddings thank to its pure taste, elegant beauty and purposeful meaning, which is about to bring good luck to everyone. Cherry tea taste quite similar to black tea, but more it is even more elegant thank to the delicate scent.

Sakura Tea - Photo: Thirsty for Tea

Sakura Tea - Photo: Thirsty for Tea

Sakura Mochi Cakes

Sakura Mochi is essential in every cherry blossom season. This Japanese sweetconsists of sweet pink-colored rice cake (mochi) with a red bean paste (anko) in the center, and wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom (sakura) leaf. It is often sold in March till April every year, especially in the Hina Matsuri – the Japanese doll festival.

Sakuramochi - Photo: Bebe Love Okazu

Sakuramochi - Photo: Bebe Love Okazu

Sakura Yokan

This is an agar jelly dish for hot summer days. Yokan is a kind of jelly made from traditional Japanese seaweed flour; and the most common flavor is the red beans. Each of the Yokan piece looks like a decorative artwork, which is extremely beautiful. Many people do not even have the brave to eat this cute work.

A very nice creation from Japanese people - Photo: Pinterest.

A very nice creation from Japanese people - Photo: Pinterest.

Sakura Cheese Cake

Sakura Cherry Blossom Cheese Cake is a wonderful blend of Western and Japanese cuisine. The soft flavor of the cheese cake is a perfect combination between two pink and white colors.

Sakura Macaron

This macaron is also a great example of an elegant combination between Western cuisine and the sunrise country - Japan. The pretty small macaron cookie is always in the top of the pastries, favored by young Japanese.

Sakura Soba

Not only in combination with cakes, by mixing cherry flowers and powdered leaves into quality buckwheat dough, Soba is serving lovely pink buckwheat soba noodles. This cold noodle is very popular in summer especially when eaten with scrumptious soy sauce.

Soba for hot summer - Photo: Hokkaido Sushi

Soba for hot summer - Photo: Hokkaido Sushi

The best way keep the beautiful cherry blossoms; to be used all year is to salt and dry the flowers. Since centuries ago, the Japanese cherry blossoms soak in apricot vinegar preserves its fresh pink color, then dry with salt for 3-4 weeks. This is the traditional method to preserve the colors and flavors of cherry blossoms throughout the years.

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