Traditional dishes to bring good luck in the New Year

Pasta, rounded-shape fruits, green vegetables and herring fishes are the simple food but in some countries, they are the signs of luck.

Long pasta

In China, Japan and many other Asian countries, people have the custom of eating noodles as a wish to live longer in the New Year. "Longevity noodles" is therefore the name people gave to this dish. This is fried noodles with spices, vegetables and beautifully decorated for the New Year table.

The longevity noodles

The longevity noodles


Pork meat in many countries, such as Cuba, Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Austria represents for the growth. Many argue that the pig species never go backward but rather move forward during feeding. Also, people in these countries are often produce pig-shaped cake (like cookies).

Rounded-shape fruit

Eating rounded-shape fruits is a tradition in many countries in New Year occasion. Filipinos will choose rounded-shaped 13 fruits. Meanwhile in the US and Europe, people will choose the 12 rounded-shaped fruits, standing for 12 calendar months of the year. The fruits look like coins and have a sweet taste.

Rounded-shape fruit brings luck

Rounded-shape fruit brings luck


For Chinese, the word fish is pronounced like “prosperity”. For this reason, the people of this country usually eat fish in the New Year. Fishes are processed but keep both head and tail with the hope for a full year, achieving fullness from beginning to end.


Pomegranates symbolize as good luck in Turkey. Their red color symbolizing heart, showing proliferates. Seeds symbolize prosperity, adequate for a new year.

Red colors stand for good things

Red colors stand for good things

Green vegetables

From the South American countries to Europe, people eat green vegetables such as cabbage, fennel, and watercress in the New Year season. It is because the color and shape of them look quite similar to the money paper. Traditionally, eating more green vegetables, the New Year will be thrive and succeed.


The people of Italy often enjoy the lenticchie Cotechino (green lentils with sausage) in the New Year because of the color and shapes are similar to the coins and soaked when they are boiled in water. Lentils are also considered as being lucky in Hungarian cuisine and often made as a soup.


In Germany, Poland and the Scandinavian countries, if you eat the herring fish when time strike to 00:00 of New Year Eve, you'll have a year full of affluence. Besides, the color of silvery herring look really like silvery coins, symbolizing wealth in the future.

Scandinavian countries cheer up with Herrings

Scandinavian countries cheer up with Herrings

Haricot beans

Beans are considered to bring good luck in the New Year. Therefore, in New Year party at American dishes made from beans are extremely vital. Especially dish called "Hoppin's Jenny", expressed desire a life full of prosperity in the New Year.

Corn cake

Despite being favorites throughout the year, tortillas are especially favored US people in the New Year. Their color looks like gold. To get luckier, some people also add the nuts inside the cake, symbolizing the gold bullion.


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