Useful tips when traveling to China

Rent a twin room, use language app for travelers or bring toilet paper ... are tips to help you have a China trip perfect.

1. Just rent a room for 4 people

Hotel regulation in China are not too strict about the number of people in a room. When it comes to matching the number of beds to the number of people, you can save money by asking for a twin room, instead of renting two single rooms. In a cozy twin room, both beds are the same size as a regular double bed.

2. Follow proper currency protocol

This is really important when traveling to China. If you take a taxi in Shanghai, please pay with coins, not those paper notes. Taxi drivers in Shanghai do not like receiving banknotes or ATM card. But if you travel to those cities in northern and western China, paying with coins will be refused by most of the local stores.

3. Order in the right way

Rice is rarely served during a meal in China restaurants. So, if you want to order rice for your meal, please clearly saying "mifan mashang" (bring rice right away).

4. Bring toilet paper

You will rarely find the toilet paper in public toilets in China. Then please prepare yourself the toilet papers ready in your bag.

5. Be ready for a local breakfast

Except international hotel brands in big cities, most of the hotels in China often serves traditional local breakfast. That's not the big issue with people who like plain porridge and pickles. But if you do not like  these traditional Chinese recipes or if you have your baby with, it would be better to prepare yourself breakfast items like cereals, milk box ...

Or you can also get a backstreet breakfast

Or you can also get a backstreet breakfast

6. Do not worry when traveling alone

If you must travel alone in China, you do not worry because this country is one of the safest countries for tourists traveling alone, even if you are female.

China is a huge country with many things to discover

China is a huge country with many things to discover

7. Do not be bothered by loud voice

Do not be surprised or be fooled when you hear two local men are talking on the street. It is too normal in most of the local conversations in China, even in public places. And you should get used to the simple fact that Chinese often talk very loudly.

8. When you need help, find a high school student

The language barrier will cause you trouble when you want to talk to the local people. So, when you need help, try to look for high school students because most of them are well educated enough to converse with you in English.

Seek for high school students when you need helps

Seek for high school students when you need helps

9. Use language application

If you're using an iPhone, you can access the character recognition function, it will give you an instant translation from those Chinese menu, signs or instructions.

10. Learn about tea culture

If you want to enjoy tea, you go to Shanghai Laoximen Tea Plaza. Here, you not only enjoy different kinds of delicious tea, you will but also understand the benefits of tea on health, as well as the rich assortment of tea ....

11. Experience better photography

To record the shots in China, you need a camera bag and a polarizing filter. Because according to professional photographers D'Souza Roge, the environment here is a lot of dust and fog, it's a necessary to have this equipment for beautiful photos.

12. Learn the art in places you did not expect to

There are no rules about art in China, you will be very surprised to encounter the art collection at anywhere. Some boutique hotels provide interesting art experiences, like the Opposite House Hotel in the Sanlitun area of Beijing.

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