Visit Ninh Binh - a picturesque town of Vietnam

If you are looking for a cheap, undeveloped & quiet place while staying in Vietnam, you can visit Ninh Binh, which is located in the south of Hanoi. near the Red River Delta. Ninh Binh is home to many limestone sceneries and famous for its national biggest pagoda and the Unesco World Heritage–listed Trang An grottoes.

In many textbooks and mainstream media, Ninh Binh is praised as the world's cultural heritage. You can take a 3-hour boat trip for only 5 $ to explore this unique beauty, both ancient, mysterious and wild, friendly. Visitors will be surprised by the population of Trang An landscape (Trang An ecotourism area). The boat will go along the Trang An eco-tourism, passing through 9 caves and 3 ancient temples.

Welcome to Trang An

Welcome to Trang An

The Tam Coc cave  is a major highlight as it is labelled as "Ha Long Bay on land". This feature creates a beautiful landscape with limestone mountains, surrounding the valley is many lakes. You can take a small boat and enjoy the stunning rock formations all over the way. Between the caves are chances to stop and climb a few stairs to a beautiful cave temple, Thien Huong.

The famous  cultural heritage of Vietnam

The famous cultural heritage of Vietnam

This area is definitely worth seeing, there is a lot of rice fields, surrounded by limestone mountains. Imagine that you are sitting on the boat with clear water gently passing through reed covered shores and rolling flats of wild flowers. You can also admire many beautiful fish species.

The perfect mix of  mountains and caves

The perfect mix of mountains and caves

The area around the river is perfect for cycling or walks. You can rent a bike and ride here in the lowlands between the hills and paddy fields in this magnificent landscape.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful landscapes

Immerse yourself in this beautiful landscapes

According to statistics, Trang An eco-tourism complex has over 310 species of higher plants, many algae, and fungi. Coming to Trang An eco-tourism complex, tourists can enjoy the grandeur of the mountains, explore majestic caves and have a pure of relaxation with the spiritual culture of Bai Dinh Pagoda. Bai Dinh Pagoda is a large complex temple. It holds the relic procession ceremony from India to Vietnam in 2010. This temple owned many records in Asia and region such as:  the biggest gilded bronze Buddha in Asia, the longest Arhat corridor in Asia, the largest bronze bell, the largest jade well in Viet Nam, the Temple has Arhat statues at most, the largest pagoda area in Viet Nam, The largest copper Maitreya statue in Asia, the Temple has Bodhi Tree at most in Viet Nam.

Ninh Binh is an ideal place for those who want to experience the great moments and harmony with nature. Come here and enjoy the beauty of Vietnam.


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