Cai Rang Floating food trucks in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Cai Rang Floating market is the most popular and active market in Hau Giang Province, belongs to the Mekong Delta region. In the early morning, hundred of boats feature a variety of specialties from Mekong Delta area, to attract and serve the tourist and local customers. To visit the floating market and enjoy various food trucks, tourists should wake up early and take one of the first-hour boats in the morning.

Selling morning coffee

A vendor is selling morning coffee

The daily ritual of local people here is having a morning coffee from a coffee boat. Tourists can find many interesting floating drink vendors with full of hot water containers, Ice cube Cooler, snacks, tea, coffee, milk inside the boat.

Green vegetables and herbs to be served with Hu Tieu

Green vegetables and herbs to be served with Hu Tieu

To serve hungry tourists, there are typical local breakfasts like variations of rice noodles “Banh Canh, Hu Tieu” in the Cai Rang floating market. It is very fascinating to see multiple large pots, dishes with full of “topping”, colander with green vegetables and other ingredients, carried on the boat.

A friendly vendor

A friendly vendor is welcoming the tourists

If tourists want to order food, the boat driver would stop at the tourist boats. This woman sells the food while her husband sitting and cooking on the edge of the dock.  Tourists will be impressed by the density of parking boats on the canal as much as by how quickly these vendors prepare meals for so many orders, come at once.

Hu Tieu

Hu Tieu

Eating while paddling along the river

Eating while paddling along the river

Almost the meal selections from Hu Tieu, Banh Canh to Bun Rieu soup bowl costs only 1.5 USD. The taste of rice noodle Hu Tieu here may not that much different from mainland version. Yet, eating rice noodle soup and paddling along the river is very amusing.

A variety of food choices

A variety of food choices on the boat

Besides the variety of rice noodles, there are also other specialties. These are ranging from breakfast foods like Steamed Rice with Coconut, Banh Bao – literally “wrapping cake” and congee to other local worth-a-try foods.

A boat of drinks

A boat of soft-drink and ice-cubed coffee

Another noticeable feature of the Cai Rang floating market is a wide array of drinks. After eating the rice noodles, tourists should taste the ice-cubed coffee, tea, ready-to-drink coconut juice and sticky rice pudding.

Fresh coconuts is also served here

Fresh coconuts are also served here

Vendors sell coconut drinks by sticking a straw in the coconut so that the tourists can enjoy drinking directly from the fresh coconut. Each coconut costs around 50 US dollar cent.

Steamed Rice with Coconut and Green Leaf Layer cake

Steamed Rice with Coconut and Green Leaf Layer cake

Besides, tourists can also find a large quantity of snacks like sesame bread, green leave layer cake, coconut crepe… The cake selling price is quite cheap from 15 – 20 US dollar/ per cake. Visitors will can simply buy these cakes and enjoy them during the boat tour.

Fresh fruits from reliable farm yields

Fresh fruits from reliable farm yields

It is worth to mention about the local tropical fruits, which is also the most famous fruit area in Southern of Vietnam. The just-harvest variety of fruits is gathered here from reliable farm yields. And they are fully carried on vendors’ boat, including fresh mango, rambutan, lansium fruits and a lot more. The Cai Rang floating market will surely satisfy tourists by both beautiful scenery and amazing food tour of the Mekong Delta.

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