Travel experiences in Vietnam not for the faint of heart!

11 hazardous sports that you can experiences in Vietnam!

1. Highwire


Highwire is an outdoor game that is composed of several wood panels mounted on the cables tied to trees or concrete pillars.

Players have to fully concentrate to overcome such obstacles at the relative height to the ground as climbing net rope ladder, walking across empty boards and across wood bridges or only a cable rope.

This high- risk taking game may require players’ high concentration on keeping balance, but once overcoming it; then it could be “addictive”.

You can play this challenging game at Hue with the price at 500.000 VND.

2. Zipline


If Highwire challenge your ability to keep balance when moving, Zipline forces you to face the fear of height.

The origin version of this game came from a type of transportation in the mountainous area. It is designed to enable players to freely slide on a cable rope from the top to the bottom of the mountain.

The feeling of nervousness, fast heartbeat with strong wind blowing as you move will give you a strong sense of excitement. Zipline is now available at Hue and Madagui (Lam Dong) with the price at 500.000 VND.

3. Bungee


You want to conquer the height and to explore your limits. Let take a Bungee jumping. The experience will first make you nervous, afraid then extremely exhilarating.

This sport though adventurous, but has a high level of safety. Now, the height of Bungee at Nha Trang is 15m.

4. Climbing Waterfalls


Climbing Waterfall have increasingly become popular at Dalanta (Da Lat).

The trainers will show you some basic climbing tips, steps to overcome waterfalls by moving between the flows of water (with protective tools).

Like other adventurous sports, you will have a chance to experience a wave of emotion from nervous, scared, to exciting and finally exhilarating and satisfying when overcoming waterfalls as well as your limits.

5. Climbing mountain at the sea


If you love moving, reaching top of the mountains, then you should try this popular adventurous sport: climbing mountains at the sea. You not only have a chance to satisfy the passion for exploring, conquering but could also enjoy fresh air and have a panorama view of the stunning natural landscape on the top of the mountain.

You can try this spsrt at two well-known tourist attractions: Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba.

6. “Traditional” mountain climbing


If you still prefer the “traditional” mountain climbing, then Fansipan, Langbiang, Chua Chan… always have their own attractiveness.

However, it is advisable for you to learn some useful life skills and to travel with persons who have climbed those mountains to ensure safety.

7. Flyboard


Talking about water adventurous sports, you should not miss this interesting game: flyboard. Although it is still new in Viet Nam, this sport gives you a feeling like dolphins flying, dancing on water surface when you get familiar with it.

You can have this interesting experience atNha Trang 1.2 million VND/15 minutes.

8. Parasailing


Parasailing is one of the adventurous sports using wind power and boat. In this game, you will get a chance to view the vast bay at the height of 70-100m.

The price for each 10 minute “flight” is from 500.000 - 600.000 VND.

9. Surfing


There are several types of surfing including windsurfing, water boarding, kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding… if you have a good health an skillful hands to control the board on the top of the wave, this game is for you.

There are many places for you to play this adventurous but exhilarated sport in Viet Nam such as Da Nang, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Vung Tau…

The price for hiring board and parachutes are about 30 - 40USD/hour and will be 100 USD/hour with a tour guide.

10. Kaaking


Not as adventurous as other sports, kayaking help you to build up your courage, perseverant and stay calm when dealing with obstacles and challenges.

The award for those who conquer this sport is experience, confidence and a wonderful natural tour.

The price for hiring kayak is100.000 - 200.000 VND, depending on the type of kayak with1-2 or 3 seats.

11. Diving

 Diving is a popular kind of sport in area with a great number of coral reef like Nha Trang, Cham island, Quy Nhon… The player will be well equipped as a professional diver with diving suits, diving glasses, snorkel, pony bottle and diving weight and belt.

The price for a 30-minute-tour of exploring the sea is about 500.000 - 600.000 VND.

Wish you have an unforgettable trip and wonderful experience with these sports!


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