Visiting Hoi An: 6 wonderful experiences that you may not know

Hoi An, a city of Quang Nam province, is one of the most favourite travel spots of visitors.

Besides Hoi An Ancient Town, tourists can enjoy the experience of various interesting activities that not many people have heard of: explore the canel along the Bay Mau coconut forest, become a farmer at Tra Que vegetable village, visit Kim Bong carpentry village, savour the morning coffee,...

Let’s explore Hoi An through these exciting activities with!

1. Test your talent for pottering making in Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Skilful hands of a master craftsman in Thanh Ha Pottery Village - Photo: Internet 

 A visitor is making her pottery in Thanh Ha Pottery Village in Hoi An - Photo:

Thanh Ha Pottery Village is located by Thu Bon river, Thanh Ha ward, 3km away from the west of Ancient Hoi An Town, in Quang Nam province. 

Thanh Ha has been famous for fine pottery since 16th and 17th century. 

Coming to the village, tourists will be instructed how to make their own fine pottery by the craftsmen there.

2. Experience one-day farmers at Tra Que vegetable village

 Visitors are guided how to take care of vegetables - Photo: caitlyndebeer

Tra Que vegetable village is 2km away from northeast of Hoi An. The procedure of growing standardized vegetables which are “green-clean-pretty” can be seen with your own eyes when visiting the village.

Also, tourists can learn the procedure of growing and taking care of trees, sowing, watering, and picking vegetables.  

Here come the most exciting moment of a being-farmer-day, tourists can enjoy local traditional dishes like Quang noodles, Cao Lau with abundant of different vegetables of Tra Que.

Another activity that can’t be missed is riding water buffalo to visit the village.

 A foreign visitors is riding a buffalo around Tra Que vegetable village, Quang Nam province - Photo: caitlyndebeer

A foreign visitors is riding a buffalo around Tra Que vegetable village, Quang Nam province - Photo: caitlyndebeer

3. Climb the mountain, build a campfire, dive for coral view, taste the seafood in Cham Island

 The morning local market in Cham island - Photo: Duyanh Pham/

Hiring a motorbike at Bai Lang village, tourists can have an amazing tour around the island. Reach the highest mountain of the island, the wonderful paranoma of the whole island is now in your eyes.

Besides, get a diving experience or wander in the forest, build a campfire on a wild and undiscovered beach... would be worth a try.

4. Enjoy Vietnamese traditional folk art

 A water puppet show - Photo: Internet

Visit Hoi An, never miss the water puppet show - a typical Vietnamese traditional folk art.

5. Rowing boats to explore canals at Bay Mau coconut forest

Bay Mau coconut forest is located at Cam Thanh commune, about 5 km from Hoi An. It is viewed as the Southwest region of The Ancient Towel, Hoi An.

 Bay Mau coconut forest - Photo: Thanh Ly

Visiting Bay Mau coconut forest offers you a chance to go fishing on small canals by boats. Then, returning to the village and enjoy the local delicacy of Hoi An.

 Seating on boats to explore canals - Photo: Internet 

6. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning

 Enjoy coffee and take a stroll at dawn to feel a peaceful, tranquil Hoi An - Photo:

Another wonderful experience at Hoi An is to walking through the Ancient Town at dawn. A stroll through the street will give you a chance to enjoy the peaceful, tranquil life here.

Then, let visit a small coffee shop at the wharf to Cam Kinh, or at the corner of Cau pagoda, slowly taste your cup of coffee, watching Hoi An gradually being crowded to welcome a new day. 



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